Telesales is a service that sells your products or services directly to the customer by telephone.

Telemarketing creates prospects, lets people know about what you have to offer them and provides the opportunity for both customer and business to find out more about each other.

Telesales converts those opportunities into business for your company. 

The Benefits of having Telesales & Telemarketing.

When Telesales and Telemarketing teams work together, planning, coordinating and tailoring their approach, they produce dramatic results.

We charge by the hour rather than on commission of sales, as part of what we do is build relationships and establish when a lead will be ready to buy. 
We may generate quotes, follow them up, re-negotiate price and then undertake the admin involved with the booking.

Not everyone is ready to purchase when you call, but building a valuable pipeline of opportunity and getting an agreement that we can quote and be considered next time is very important.

Expanding your potential client base through good conversations and obtaining correct names and accurate email addresses also means you can target these pipeline leads over the coming months with special offers of information that might be useful to them.
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