Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement and Customer Re Engagement

Calling current and lapsed customer often gets pushed to the back of the to do list, but is there a reason the client is lapsed, is there something that could be done to bring them back as a customer and are your current customers actually happy, what would you do if current customers stopped using you?

We often undertake calls like this which result in immediate enquiries, quotes and meetings.
It might be engaging with current customers, seeing if they are happy, need anything else or possibly to follow up on quotes.
So many companies send out quotes but never have time to follow them up and convert them.

For several clients we follow up web enquiries and you can get all web enquiries copied to us automatically so we deal with them for you.
Keep customers happy.

Sometimes clients can lapse simply because the correct contact left the company, possibly leaving no indication of current providers or their replacement came in with their own preferred suppliers.

But more importantly keeping current customers happy and continuing to use your service should be a top priority. 

It is far easier to keep clients happy and regular users/buyers of your services than it is to start from scratch and build a new customer base.

All businesses should be aiming to keep current customers and grow their customer base to grow their business.
Reasons for engaging with current customers:

Check data is accurate
Customer service call
Establish any upcoming requirements
Cross sell or upsell
Follow up any quotes
Reasons for re engaging with lapsed customers:

Check data is accurate
Establish why they are lapsed
What were the issues they had
Can something be done to rectify this
Can we have the chance to be considered again in the future if we address their issues
Any upcoming requirements
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