Remote Rep

Remote Rep

Remote Rep offers businesses the opportunity to have a sales representative from a remote location.

Remote Rep can be used in any sector – construction, training, publishing, advertising to name a few.

Our self motivated and sales driven sales force have experience in all fields of sales, with specialist knowledge of the building trade, selling building materials to trade and retail.
Although you will not have the costs or obligations of employment, we aim through long term partnerships with yourselves and your customers to build customer loyalty and confidence. We aim to forge a strong business relationship through regular calling.

Our telemarketing team can also help with any short term projects or sales campaigns.

We will look for new business through sales leads whilst looking after your existing customer base.

We will also dedicate one Rep to your campaign to keep continuity.
We can tailor the hours and days to suit your budget and your customers needs whilst becoming an invaluable part of your team.

You may fall in to one of these categories:
  • Not enough budget to employ a sales rep
  • May wish to cover a wider area than your existing Rep can cover
  • Would like your Rep to go on qualified warm appointments and not waste time driving around
  • You are expanding but do not wish to take on large overheads
  • Want a flexible and cost effective solution to finding new business
  • Have you ever wished you could clone your existing Rep without huge extra costs
As we are not field based but on the telephone we can cover a lot of ground.

How Clients use our Service

Some clients use us to back up their own field based team, booking qualified appointments with people who need what you are selling.

Some clients use us to lay the groundwork for their reps and test the water in new areas.

Some clients just can’t afford a field sales rep so use us to find the leads for them to go to themselves – thereby providing efficient use of their own time.

How The Remote Rep Works

With access to your book price or support from your sales office we can sell directly to your customers on your behalf.

For a Remote Rep there is a minimum of 20 hours per week.

Minimum 3 months probationary contract

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