Telemarketing can also be seen as Lead Nurturing.

We find that our first contact call should never be a sales call but should be an informative call to raise awareness.

We are calling to inform and introduce your service to the contact. Also to inform ourselves about their potential requirements and timescales of requirements.

We would gain information and permission to stay in touch as well as an email address. Building a pipeline of contacts at all times which grows as we make more calls.

We would then schedule a call back for a time that would be appropriate. We nurture the leads and maintain contact with them and convert or close them at the right time.
Do you need the following:

To build a contact database
To send a quote
To set up an appointment
To sign them up to a trial
To invite them to an event
To obtain a renewal or review date
Do you want:

Companies cold called to introduce your services and establish interest?
To follow up an email campaign or even send one?
To find out peoples renewal dates or contract end dates?
To invite people to an event?
Someone to help you to manage customer relationships?
To undertake some simple market research and assess the market on a new service or product?
A specific database created and contacts researched?
To re-establish contact with lapsed customers?
Every week you will be supplied with a report which will show all calls made and the responses plus status of the leads.  For most projects we give daily word reports with statistics and feedback.

This helps to tweak campaigns and assess quality of data.

We have a very good CRM system designed for telemarketing which enables an average of 15-25 dials an hour.
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