Data Building

Data Building

Building a targeted prospect list for a specific purpose or campaign.

Some projects benefit greatly from some additional planning and research so data building before we begin can be the first step. 

Sometimes sending out an email to the correct people before calling them or you may just want a list you can use in house yourself with no telemarketing involved.

A lot of projects we undertake often involve calling sectors with no names policies so we often use Linked In in order to capture correct names before we start calling.

We can either take a list of companies and find names, or we can be more general and just search and build a list of specific job titles if geographical location of the leads is not an issue.

Whatever type of list you need, we can help and we can build a campaign around your requirements and budget. Supplying it back to you on excel and it can then be used by yourself or by us to undertake further marketing.

You would set certain criteria generally the following is required:

Company Name
Contact Name
Job Role 
Geographical Location
Email Address of Decision Maker

You may want to be even more targeted and specific:

Possibly Certain Amount of Staff
Renewal Dates
Average Spend
Type of Services They Use
Quantities – As an example – Amounts Ordered/Used/To Be Checked
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