Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

Do you want face to face appointments with key decision makers in order to sell your product or services yourself?

Through careful screening and qualification we can book appointments with the right person, who is genuinely interested in what you have to say and also has a budget to proceed if they are happy.

We never force people to see us and we never book appointments with people who are likely to waste your time.

We have booked appointments for many types of businesses and it might be the owner of the business or a field rep that we book the appointment for. Predominantly we carry out B2B Appointment setting.

We also book telephone appointments, so if someone is interested but not quite sure enough to go ahead with a face to face meeting, or we felt they have a requirement but might be more of a medium to long term prospect we would book a telephone appointment for you, so you can discuss finer details and gauge interest levels yourself. This often converts to a face to face meeting once you cover all their initial queries.
Approaches that we use when appointment setting:

Schedule the calls – Doing research on the prospects and establishing the best time to call will have a significant effect on the results. We can’t just pick up the phone at any random time and give them a call, expecting them to be there. We have to know when to reach them at a time that’s suitable for discussing business.

Be acquainted with the target – Aside from knowing their busy and available times of the day, we also take time to learn more about the prospects on a deeper level. We find it useful during the call to know exactly what type of company they are, where they are based, what industry they belong to, and how they do their business.

Ask intelligent questions – There is always a need to uncover specific details. Allowing the prospect to talk about their business needs so we can engage with them and earn their trust by showing we understand their situation.

Match key benefits to their needs – Every business has issues that need addressing, and as soon as we identify one of them, it is easier for us to present your offer to them. The important thing is for them to see the value in your proposition, and we can only achieve that if you have something that would solve their problems, or at least by enlightening them on how to fix it.

Prepare for objections – It’s actually rare for a telemarketing call to run smoothly without a single bump on the road. More often than not, prospects will make an objection against our statements but we prepare ourselves before we begin a campaign with the likely objections and ways to handle them.

Always get the “next step” commitment – Not all calls will end in a sale, but each call should at least move the prospect to step closer. A next step can be in the form of a follow-up call or meeting, an email, or an introduction to a colleague. Getting this type of commitment from the prospect displays a positive attitude towards your offering.

Timing – We are not pushy sales people, we convert to an appointment for telephone or face to face when the prospect is ready. We qualify they have a genuine interest to discuss and if need be they have a budget in place to proceed if they like what they hear. If they are not ready now but want a call back in a few months to make an appointment we will stay in touch and contact at the desired time to book them in.

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